A Day in the Life of an Electrician

What does an electrician do? Besides harnessing the power of the universe with wires and conduit connectors?! Well if you aren’t living off the grid, you probably are indirectly benefiting from the work of an electrician daily.

From reading blueprints, to properly installing and maintaining components and handling everything else you will need on a job, these ‘hard hats’ are at it! Hard at work from the early a.m., an electricians any given day can be an agenda of rewiring equipment or fixtures, inspecting electrical components for safety, installing wiring and lighting, and troubleshooting and identifying electrical issues. From helping to build a home from the ground up to installing commercial and industrial circuit boards, there is plenty of variety to keep the job interesting. And believe you me, the job is interesting.

The electrician. This is what heroes really look like. From the hard hat to the tool belt, electricians are armed and equipped to save buildings and in many cases, lives. They are the pro-active hero, eliminating threats before they can strike. But electricians are more than just the modern supermen of electricity. They are the type who still give a solid handshake, wear coveralls, and enter every room situation-ally aware. They may work in a profession most take for granted, but they are the smart ones.
When working with electricity you have to be. And they are. Precise calculations in a realm of physics few people without phd’s ever have to deal with are part of the electricians daily diet of problem solving. So even though they deserve the cape, they wouldn’t wear it, because the electrician is the quietly anonymous type, stripping wires, retrofitting outdated systems with new ones, and smiling at the success of every electrical connection they make.

At Fulmin Electric we strive to keep the standards of watchmen in our field. The best electrician is an alert electrician and a day in his or her life is one of code compliant, quality electrical work with a side of lots and lots of coffee!

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