The design and build processes have changed dramatically over the years. All business models must adapt and grow in order to remain competitive; this includes construction and electrical work. Traditionally, the stages of the design and build process included schematic design, design development, building information modeling, electrical documentation, bidding, and electrical administration. The design & build concept combines these stages so that one person is ultimately responsible.

Advantages of the Design & Build Processes

Quality-of-work is possibly the biggest advantage to combining the design and build processes. Competitive bids are often nice to receive for small projects, but when looking for overall quality of work, choosing one electrician to handle all of your needs is the only way to go. He designs the entire project himself, keeping the finished product in mind throughout all planning and implementation stages.

Save time and money by trusting your project to one person instead of teams that specialize in various areas. One person is held responsible for the entire design and build-out, making it easier to communicate when specific changes are required. Your chosen electrician is responsible for quality, cost, and schedule adherence. He will be able to order items with a long lead time, locking in great prices along the way.
As previously mentioned, singular responsibility is a big advantage. One person is responsible for the design and implementation of the entire project. The business owner doesn’t have to invest time and effort into discussing various stages of the project with different people. This is very important in allowing the business owner the creative freedom to focus on other business needs instead of worrying whether or not each stage of the project is advancing on schedule.

We have had the opportunity to build a great relationship with several business owners and contractors in the area. A good working relationship is very important for ease of communication. Our extensive knowledge of the electrical industry makes us a great addition to your business contacts.

Employ us with confidence, knowing that each step of your project will be completed with your business needs in mind. Call or email us today for information or a quote.