What to expect when you are expecting a good electrician

What to expect when you are expecting a good electrician

In a world of DIY-ers, house-flippers and weekend warriors it is easy to look at your next electrical job and think to yourself – I got this. And maybe that is true, maybe you do got this cause you’re a natural wiz. But for the rest of us and especially if you’re looking at a BIG project then it is good to go with the professionals. But how do you chose a good electrician? What questions do you need to ask? Aren’t all electricians basically the same? No need to worry, we are here to help you.

When looking for a good electrician here are a few tips to help you:
• Find out if they are Licensed and Insured – When a electrician is licensed it means that they have completed all the courses necessary to practice in your specific state, county and municipality. Not only can they operate in that area but that they are also going to know how to do a job safely and correctly. Both are vital! You will also want to check to make sure that your electrician is insured. This protects both of you from any devastating financial liabilities that could be caused by injuries or property damage.

• Experience – We asked the question before: Aren’t all electricians basically the same? The answer is no, they are not. Based upon your specific needs you may want someone who has past experience in exactly that field. If you are doing a large commercial build out you want an electrician who has experience and knows the full weight of what they are doing and not someone who is just winging it.

• Communication – The saying Communication is Key definitely applies here. Do you understand what your electrician is telling you? Is he personable? Did he listen to you as you described your needs and ask probing questions to understand everything? You want to make sure that you felt understood with everything that you are hiring him for, but you also want to understand him and what he recommends and where your money is being spent.

These are just a few helpful tips when looking for a good electrician. Another excellent place to look is at their references. Who has worked with them before and what are they saying? We at Fulmin Electric are so sure that we can be the perfect fit to your need that we are willing to help you check out our competition. When lined up we know that we will stand out.