industrial_02When you need an industrial electrician, making the right choice is important. You want to know who is working on your equipment; you need to know that they can get the job done efficiently and correctly.

You want them to be prompt and professional as well as competent. That is why we have established service standards. We are licensed and insured and will arrive on time. We know when your equipment is down, you are losing money. Your time is precious and there should not be delays in obtaining service.

elcbox1We promise to treat your equipment with respect and get the job done right the first time. This is important to us and a trademark of our company.

As fully qualified industrial electricians, we install, check and repair electrical wiring and equipment in any factory or warehouse setting. We are familiar with the National Electric Code and follow all state and local laws and building codes.

The following is a sample of what a quality industrial electrician can do for your business:

• Transformers
• Circuit Breakers
• Generators
• Wiring
• Switchgear Cabinets
• Electrical Systems
• Components
• Install Relays
• Outlets
• Switches
• Handling Terminals
• Contacts and Circuit Boards
• QA Inspections
• Preventative Maintenance

Take a look around and you will see just how important electricity is to your industrial building. Regular maintenance is essential. Poorly maintained equipment can pose serious dangers if not handled properly. Call or email us today for information. We look forward to hearing from you and being your company’s industrial electrician of choice!