Let there be Light – The Importance of Light

Imagine a world with no light. It’s hard to, isn’t it? Lights have been guiding travelers home for centuries, whether by the becon from a lighthouse or by present day street lamps or headlights. Lights around the world even communicate to keep us safe- Stop lights, turn signals, emergency vehicle lights, lit warning signs, etc. Light facilitates thousands of people cheering for their team in the grand stands, or sitting down to a conference, or crowd surfing at a concert. Light frames our lives universally. From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, fumbling around for the light switch, to that sweet moment we close them for a night’s rest- we are experiencing the world through light. Again, imagine a world with no light. Fulmin Electric is here so you don’t have to.

Lighting represents almost 20% of global electricity consumption. If you’ve ever caught a glimpse of the world from a plane window at night, looking down it’s almost like peering at something from science-fiction. The topography is covered in lights, creating a stunning aerial view, although perhaps not the one you would expect.

Your life is directly affected by lighting, be it through allowing social gatherings in your home, to late night family time, to artistic endeavors and advancing education. How many times will you touch a light switch in your lifetime? You will likely never know a number to this question, but you will know the warmth of flipping that switch to sit down to story time with your toddler; the peace of flipping it off again, watching those sleepy eyelids close. On. Off. The real time pulse of your life being lived can be taken by a light switch.

The business man adjusting his tie in an illuminated company bathroom never has to wonder if there will be light on in that bathroom. Customers shopping the wares of a commercial building never double check to see if they’ve brought a flashlight or oil lamp along with them in case the store isn’t lit. We trust light. We trust the source it comes from. Even in a blackout, the bright screen of cell phones will be flipped out to guide the way or all mom’s candles will be hauled out of her hoarding cabinet to keep things from going dark. We live in a part of the world so fully illuminated that anything is possible. That is what electricity does. It powers possibility and lights the way for those who dare to dream.

Did you know that over one-quarter of the world’s population lives without access to electricity? If you are connected to innovative, practical and economically viable lighting solutions, realize how fortunate you are. GOGLA (Global Off Grid Lighting Association) and other organization like it are helping rural communities by providing light to those in need. Until things go dark, you never realize how important light is… for you and the world around you. The future development of society is intimately tied up with the ability to effectively light our cities, homes, schools and recreation areas.
Light can even effect your health. Human physical health, metabolism, and behavior are aligned by the natural cycle of the sun.

Our planet is one of the extremely few places in the universe that is so close to one star that its whole environment bathes in light. We rarely consider this fact as we go about with our daily lives. -Juuso Nissilä

Light warms the home with that glow saying a family lives here. It illuminates the office with that spark that gets work down and creativity charged. For businesses, light is an umbrella that enterprise is huddling under. Your company, like your home, is covered by that umbrella we call light.

Light at the flip of a switch- never forget how incredible that is.

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