The Average Cost Of Updating A Service Panel

There are numerous factors that can affect the price of upgrading your circuit breaker panel in Orange County, such as the length of the main pipe that attaches to the circuit breaker, whether or not underground power lines need to be installed, the quality of the existing wires and the number of amps that the new device will provide. Replacing or upgrading your sevice panel requires an expert electrician from Orange County for safety now and in the future.

Selecting A Fuse Box 

Currently, all new homes must have a circuit breaker panel that provides at least 100 amps of electricity. Many companies sell kits with two panels that can produce 200 amps and a single meter that has the ability to handle 400 amps.

Inspecting The Circuit Breaker 

The expert will use a meter to analyze the amount of electricity that the old fuse box is receiving from outdoor wires and the amount amps that it is sending to the house's electrical outlets. If a sufficient level of power is being delivered to the circuit breaker, the individual will measure the electricity in various outlets to ensure that each of the wires is sending an ample amount of power to all sections of the home.

The Supply Of Cold Water 

Before replacing the fuse box, the pipe that delivers cold water to the house may need to be removed, and a city can require the homeowner to install the water line near the front of the home in order to ensure that it will not come into contact with the circuit breaker panel or the nearby wires.

Installing a new pipe for cold water will substantially raise the price of the project. The experts will have to find the underground pipe that is connected to the municipal water supply, dig a hole to access it and connect the house's new water line to this pipe.

Subsequently, the water meter may need to be moved to a new section of the home.

If a house receives cold water from a large well that is located in the backyard, the pipes may need to stretch around the home, or a new water well can be created in front of the home.

Repairing Old Wires 

Over time, power lines can become brittle and frayed, and frequently, the pipes of old homes begin to leak water that can severely reduce the effectiveness of the main wires.

In order to access some of the wires, a person may have to remove a section of the wall or even take out parts of the floor, and as a result, the need to replace damaged power lines can exponentially increase the total cost of the project.

Adding New Rods

Some towns require residents to have several ground rods installed. These stipulations can considerably raise the price of the fuse box's installation because the experts will have to dig numerous holes, and the laws of many cities specify that each of the ground rods must be at least six feet apart from one another.

The majority of rods are made of copper, which currently has a market value of approximately $3 per pound.

City Regulations 

Many townships have laws indicating that a resident must obtain a permit before replacing a circuit breaker panel, and once all of the associated installations and repairs have been completed, the town's government will send an expert to the home to inspect and to approve the new fuse box.

The Main Pipe 

The size of the home may affect the overall cost of the installation because two-story houses usually require a larger pipe, which will hold the main wires that connect to the circuit breaker panel. The bigger device will cost more money than a compact pipe, and in addition, new mounts will have to be added to the side of the home before the pipe is installed.

Underground Wires And Overhead Lines 

In general, underground power lines have a higher price than wires that are suspended in the air. When laying subterranean wires, long trenches have to be created, and strong, protective cases must be installed around the power lines because water tends to build up in the soil that surrounds the wires.

Additionally, experts need several days to install new, subsurface lines. In contrast, attaching overhead lines to a home usually takes a few hours. Outdoor wires that are suspended in the air have a price of between $8 and $15 per foot, and underground lines cost $20 to $50 per foot.

Moving The Circuit Breaker

Sometimes, companies that provide electricity will request to have the fuse box relocated to a different part of the house. This requirement will raise the price of the installation substantially because all of the main wires and the rods will have to be positioned in a new location.

The Amount Of Time 

At Fulmin Electric, we can usually complete the installation of a new fuse box within eight hours. Before starting the project, we will provide the customer with a date and a time by which the installation should be finished.

The Total Cost

In order to obtain a free estimate or to schedule an inspection, a customer can call: 909-218-4528

We strongly recommend a professional evaluation of your plans from a wiring perspective, to make sure your business’s electrical system meets all code requirements. We will help you file the necessary permits and notify the power company if necessary. Call or email us today for more information on panel changes, or for an estimate on your project.