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Sometimes we all think we can hack it to fix it. But when Timothy Hemm was out on inspection of a home in Yucaipa, he came across a prime example of why there are things we should leave to the professionals. He found a short piece of exposed extension cord somehow connected to a dimmer switch. The cord was energized whether the switch was on or off. In his words, “It’s a shocking situation that might get you powered up first thing in the morning.” All humor aside, the truth is that electrical hacks like this could get someone killed.

Electricity should be sobering. Even when doing a simple light bulb change (no matter how many people it takes to change it), caution and complete presence of mind need to be in play.

Nothing feels better than a good shocking shower before going for a swim, right? A shower head placed directly over an electrical junction box should do the trick, every time. Yes, people put shower heads over electrical junction boxes! When you are in the business of electricity, you come across some of the most shocking electrical nightmares!

Here at Fulmin Electric we would stress the utmost importance on investing in safe electrical work for your commercial building, industrial site, and most importantly- for your home.

Safety Tips for Business Owners

• Every tenant should request a full electrical inspection before setting up business in a new area. Unknown electrical problems are often the cause of fires, power surges, and unintentional electrocution accidents.

• Never let your handy man attempt to hack an electrical problem. There are life preserving reasons electrical codes are in place. Call an electrician or a service like Fulmin Electric Company.

• Faulty and outdated wiring is one of the leading causes of electrical fires in businesses. Schedule a quarterly inspection with an electric company.

• Change out your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors(co2 alarms) every 10 years. This is the recommendation of the National Fire Protection Association.

• Stay on top of the latest safety regulations.

Regulations on making sure your building is safely wired and up to code may seem like a drag, but the goal is to prevent accidents or a disaster that could sink a small business, or even a large one. Or worse, cause the loss of life.

If you negligently created a situation that results in the loss of life or property, you will be liable in a civil lawsuit. Running the risks of causing any kind of harm to anyone because you let your electrical go should never sit right with anyone.

Fulmin Electric Company is ready to partner with you today to get your commercial space up to code and up to par. No more curious arrangements with the electrical junction box for you. Let’s get your power running on the up and up today!

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