The Future is Bright

Once trains where the future powered by steam, then diesel, and now electricity. Today the future is almost solely running on electrical waves. For example, Goodyear just released their electricity generating tire concepts to the public. Yes, tires that generate electricity for electric cars by converting the friction heat of the tire on the road! It’s time to buckle down and prepare ourselves for the shocking role electricity is playing in our future (pun intended).

How electricity is advancing the world:

The electrical car and the metro link transport system emit 70% fewer greenhouse gases than gasoline vehicles, mile for mile.

Using electromagnets to create a nearly frictionless ride, Japan’s latest bullet train just broke its own record as the fastest train in the world.

The cell phone you are possibly reading this on, instantly comes to mind. Information and the ability to connect with anyone in the world at your finger tips. School kids now look at the old phones with their dial pads and ask “How did you text on that?” We didn’t. Ha ha.
We know, we know, but hear us out—electric underwear really can save thousands of lives. See, when a patient is lying in a hospital bed for days, weeks, or months, they can develop bed sores—open wounds formed by a lack of circulation and compressed skin. And believe it or not, bed sores can be deadly. Roughly 60,000 people die from bed sores and resulting infections every year, draining $12 billion from the U.S. medical industry. Developed by Canadian researcher Sean Dukelow, the electric underpants—dubbed Smart-E-Pants—deliver a small electrical charge every ten minutes. The effect is the same as if the patient was moving on their own—it activates muscles and increases circulation in that area, and effectively eliminates bed sores, thereby saving lives.
Powering Industry
The goal of technology advances is ever to create more affordable, renewable resources. This is reflected in industries around the world seeking a way to achieve power at less of an impact on the environment. Innovations in electric power have made the industry cleaner and more efficient throughout its history, and made electric service available to millions of homes.

As electrical technology surges forward with unprecedented speed and accuracy, many of us are left in the ensuing dust storm of obsolete devices that were commonplace mere decades ago. But if we look up and gaze into the near future, we can see the beginnings of a whole new world of electricity that the electricians of yesterday couldn’t even begin to imagine.

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