The Dark Ages, But not ‘those’ Dark Ages – History & Electricity

It’s probably fair to say we use electricity on every day of the week that ends in ‘y.’ In 1884 when electricity began to become a major influence in society, it was largely the ‘toffs’ up on the hill that had lighting at the flip of a switch. But it speedily worked it’s way into the homes and hearts of America, England, and the world.

The major established electrical industry of that day was the telegraph, which since the 1840s had come to connect the world with a data communications system faster than the speed of transportation (of that day, at least). The telephone and electric power and light industries had just gotten underway. It was an exciting new world!

Now to contrast our day with the ‘dark ages.’ (not actually the dark ages but you catch our meaning)

Can you imagine handing your cell phone to Henry Woodward, the man who put a patent an the electric light bulb in 1875? How about trying to get Tesla to play PS4 with you? Likely he would have been all for it, knowing Tesla. Asking Pavel Yablochkov, the inventor of 1876 who created the first practical carbon arc lamp for public street lighting in Paris, for his wifi password just seems like going over board a bit! But why not? Why not have Thomas Edison read one of his many biographies on kindle? Or pay for his lunch with a credit card on a cellphone, like apple pay?! What would the FaceBook status of any of these men have read like today?


The contrast to electricity’s beginnings to our present realization of it, is astounding! But each of these men’s discoveries in the realm of electricity propelled us here. Here being a place in history where people can connect with each other from almost any where in the world. A time of devices and renewable energy. A time where cities never sleep and lights are always on.

But before vcr’s could become dvd’s, there were men like Benjamin Franklin making kites to harness electricity and successfully pulling it off. We are in constant awe and wonder when working with this amazing force of nature. The flow of electric charge has carried the world away in a tidal wave of discovery.

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