A Little About Us:

8446559344_ee2641fcf8_zI got my start in the electrical business in 1983 as a laborer in my father’s electrical company. At the time, I always wondered why I was assigned the more difficult tasks and why my father didn’t give his stamp of approval until my work was completed to perfection, but I learned over time as I earned my promotions to electrical apprentice in 1985 and a journeyman in 1989, that I was being groomed for something much bigger.

I had a knack not just for getting things done, but for getting them done correctly. What’s more, I was really enjoying my work. I was excelling at conduit bending and installations, and the dream of owning my own company one day was born. By that time, however, my family’s company had closed due to my grandfather sustaining a life-threatening injury while on the job.

Undeterred, I took the steps necessary to further my career as an electrician. I continued to develop new skills and take on greater responsibilities that led to my professional advancement as a foreman on hundreds of tilt ups and thousands of tenant improvement projects, including many significant and high-profile projects such as:

• Refinery (Wilmington, CA)
• Red Hawk Power Plant (Maricopa, AZ)
• Intel chip processing plant (Rio Rancho, NM)
• Coca Cola plant (Downey, CA)
• Hot Pockets food processing plant (Chatsworth, CA)

• Flavor Juice processing plant Jogue international (Ontario, CA)
• Control Work for Kirkland Airforce base (Albuquerque, NM)
• National labs for Los Alimos (Los Alimos, NM)
• New York New York Casino (Las Vegas, NV)
• MGM Grand Casino (Las Vegas, NV)

Amidst my success and an even more promising future, alcoholism began to dictate my life. For over a decade, from my mid-20’s to my mid-30’s, I fought to manage my addiction, but without success. My life had spun out of control, and what I had worked so hard for, along with my dreams of owning my own company, were lost. I was lost. It was then that I finally began looking for help. I began attending a local church, forging a new life there, and accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior. My last drink was on September 6, 2006.

In 2009, I met my wife to be, Lisa. We married on January 9, 2010 and just days later, I found myself selling off anything of worth, including my precious coin collection, to gather up the funds to start my business that I had long dreamed of and I earned my C-10 license and my General B license. Just over a year later, in April 2010, Fulmin Group was born. We’ve been in business for 6 years now, and have steadily grown each year. It’s truly a family operation -- me, Lisa, our son, Josh, and our daughter, Jessica -- working diligently day and in and day out with our employees to deliver the quality of service and workmanship that only comes when passion and skill are brought together.

It’s an incredible privilege to have served our customers these past five years, and and we look forward to continually forging lifelong customer relationships for many many years to come!

Call us today - 844 385-6461 or 1(844) FULMIN1